Wool Applique Pattern Kit “Purple on the Prairie” wall hanging wild flowers quilt block



Of all the terrains in nature, none so intrigues me as does the prairie. The mountains and hills, the oceans and seas, the forests and woods … there’s much to admire and revel in. But … the prairie … it’s different. Nothing expansive here, except for the ever-changing sky overhead … and the distances. The horizons seem impossibly far away.

But then … there is the wind whispering in the grasses at your feet … and you look down where it is not really so vast after all … and there it is … a little flash of purple wild flowers … diminutive in the vastness all around, and so all-by-itself that its lonely presence is amazing.

Finishing out to 14″ x 8 1/2″, the pattern for this wall hanging is packed into a clear 9″ x 12″ zip-lock bag. Its contents include a cover page with color photographs of the completed project, two pages of detailed instructions (including a second color photo of the design worked without embroidery embellishment, as shown in the last four photos above), a page with all the pattern elements, and a full-size line drawing of the entire piece, consisting of 2 pages, with alignment markings to guide you in taping the pages together.

If you choose the “Pattern AND Kit BOTH” option, you will also receive all the felted, hand-dyed wool fabric to complete the design as shown in the photos ABOVE. Floss is not included.

This design was originally done a few years back, without embroidery embellishment. It can still be done that way, with beautiful results.

All elements of this pattern, all the photographs on this page, and the design itself are © 2016 Karen Hahn at horseandbuggycountry.com. All rights reserved and protected. The purchase of a pattern is solely for the use of the individual buyer, and may not be reproduced in any format.

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