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Getting There

Slowly but surely it’s starting to look a little more like A Real Website. Now you can even click on the tabs above, and they will actually take you somewhere! Really, try it. It’s amazing.

And for no other reason than because I enjoy doing it, I’m adding a photograph of a much-loved (and missed!) little spot in Central Pennsylvania … east on Highway 45 as it heads up (and then down) upon its arrival in the little town of Woodward. It was a chilly early morning in October, some years ago, and yes, the whole town is in the picture … just down below the crest of the road where you cannot see it.


2 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. Looking into this picture it is easy to see why you miss it so much, it is so enchanting… I want to go on along and round the corner to see what is there. 🙂

    1. The tiny village of Woodward is easternmost in Penns Valley. Were you to turn around and head west, you’d be winding and rolling through miles of Amish farms and other small towns. It was pure loveliness, Julie … I don’t doubt you’d be enchanted.

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